How To Make Your House Stand Out In A Slow Market


Due to the slowdown in the housing market, many potential sellers are delaying the listing of their properties out of fear that they won't receive the price they were hoping for. However, the reality is that you may still sell your house for a profit in this market.

Here are five suggestions to help you stand out with your house and increase the likelihood that the perfect buyer will find it.

1.     Choose the Correct Price

Setting a fair asking price for your house at the start of the selling process is crucial. Less people will buy properties that are overpriced, especially in a time when interest rates are high. In that situation, your home might be on the market for a longer period of time, which might also make it less appealing to buyers and lead to a lower sale price.

Setting the proper pricing can increase visibility during this key period, when showings often occur within 10 to 20 days following listing. Look at comparable listings in the neighbourhood, including recently sold properties, active listings, and withdrawn listings, to determine the appropriate list price.

2.     Eliminate obstructions and learn to ignore

Surveys conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2021 indicate that 68% of agents advise depersonalising and 93% advise decluttering the home before offering it. People pay a premium for more space, so clearing clutter from the kitchen counters, the front entrance, and other important sections of the house can make them feel larger. Making it simple for potential purchasers to see themselves residing in the areas by minimising the personal touches.

3.     Prepare Your Home for Sale

Having your home staged is a good way to make your home stand out, whether it be for showings or professional photos. The National Association of Realtors and Homelight reported that 47% of buyer's agents agreed that staging has a favourable effect on the house buying process, while 31% of buyers indicated that staging their home improved their offer on a property. Homes that have been staged are more likely to sell fast and for a higher selling price than homes that have not been staged because they tend to make a lasting impression on purchasers. Although we also provide DIY tips, professional staging services can cost anything from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

4.      Mention warranties and upgrades

The last thing potential buyers want to do is fork over cash for unforeseen home repairs like broken appliances. Include this information in your home's listing if you have made significant appliance upgrades or if there are any pertinent transferrable warranty data pertaining to these additions. By emphasising these qualities, you'll demonstrate to prospective buyers that you put a lot of thought and work into your house, differentiating it from the competition and bringing extra peace of mind to close the transaction.

5.     Get Professional Advice

Marketing your property is a real estate agent's area of expertise. Real estate experts can provide insight into market trends, what is selling, and why if you are unsure of how to price your home. Make sure you are working with the correct agent by checking it twice. They should have a history of making money from sales and have thorough understanding of the neighbourhood, potential customers, and sales techniques.

6.     Location

Probably the most important thing that a prospective buyers will want to know about your home is its location. But beyond just the address, a stand out real estate listing will give as many details as possible about the home’s location including:

Nearby Schools

Easy Transportation Access

Walking/ Hiking/Biking trails and parks

Nearby Grocery Stores

Local restaurants/ cafes/ coffee shops


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